How secure is my company’s private information?

Glad you asked! Doorways is proud to secure all data submitted by corporates, suppliers and affiliates on Blockchain Technology.  Here’s the link  to learn more about Blockchain and how it protects your information within the Doorways environment

How can Buyers see my company profile?

Buyers can issue a “Knock” on your profile based on NAICS codes, geographical locations, certifications, key words & more! Doorways will even help the buyer find your company by providing suggested companies in their search.  The suggested companies or “try these” feature is very similar to shopping applications.  Doorways will suggest supplier profiles based on search history!  Did someone say “Free Marketing for Suppliers”?!

What is a Skylocker and how can I use it?

The Skylocker is a safe place where you can store all your relevant company files. You can have a PRIVATE or a PUBLIC locker. The locker is updated across the whole network, so you’ll be sure to always have the latest file on Doorways. The public locker allows anyone to download your files to review. Use your lockers to distribute portfolios, NDA’s, company videos and more!

Who manages my Skylocker and who can see the contents?

The Doorways Skylocker is a great feature for you as the subscriber to manage.  You can update marketing information (line cards), video media and other business documents you wish to share with the public and an Administrator feature for you to keep documents private.  The contents are completely managed by the subscriber and the public/private feature is also managed by the subscriber. No more running to the Printer for updated line cards, business cards, etc or the wrong presentation saved to a jump drive.  You can manage all this and more in your secure Skylocker! (May the Force be with you!)

How easy it to schedule a meeting with the Buyer/Corporation/Supplier Diversity Professional?

Scheduling is easy. 1. Get a “knock” from a corporation. 2. Select an available time-slot on a buyer’s schedule. 3. Click to schedule your meeting and both of you will receive an alert. That’s it!

Is a Diverse Certification necessary to be a Doorways subscriber?

Doorways was created for diverse suppliers to connect with corporations, supplier diversity professionals, affiliates and consultants.  The Doorways community is open to all subscribers who wish to connect in a meaningful way. Doorways collects diverse supplier information for the purpose of connecting Supplier Diversity teams with diverse suppliers however, all suppliers are welcome! Welcome new subscribers!

As a buyer, how can l find specific suppliers I'm looking for?

Our search feature allows you to search companies via their NAICS code, geographical location, diverse certifications or by utilizing the tags Suppliers selected to describe their offerings.  You can view the report that will display your findings by diverse category and those suppliers who self-certify.

Can my company advertise in Doorways?

We offer advertising packages for displaying ads as well as search engine priority advertising. Get your company’s ad in front of Doorways subscribers and let the Knocks roll in!

How do I login to Doorways?

The login page for Doorways is: – Use your username and password to login.  If you don’t have a username and password, contact your compliance officer to get set up.  If you’ve forgotten your password, use the customer support link at the bottom of each page to request your username and/or password.

Can multiple employees of a company utilize Doorways?

Absolutely! Doorways includes company profiles, but within company profiles, individual employees are able to have their own profiles. These individuals will be able to display information such as titles, employee photos, meeting schedules, additional files etc

What are the benefits of using Doorways instead of going to a traditional conference to make connections?

Conferences are a great way to develop new business partnerships, however, they are often costly and very time consuming. Doorways allows users to experience the benefits of a conference without the travel expenses, entrance fees and major time commitment of a large conference. Also, the ability to search for suppliers with certain characteristics, certifications etc., allows users to pinpoint exactly who they want to work with minus the long booth lines.